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How to Find Agriculture Jobs in Canada as a Newcomer

How to Find Agriculture Jobs in Canada as a Newcomer

Jobs In Canada

How to Find Agriculture Jobs in Canada as a Newcomer

The government’s Job Bank indicates that the majority of primary agriculture employment pay between $16 and $18 per hour on average. However, finding year-round work may be difficult because many farm jobs in Canada, including fruit picking, are seasonal.

The typical hourly wage for specialists, farm machinery operators (NOC 84120), and industrial butchers (NOC 94141) is $20 to $23. In certain regions of Canada, hourly wages for seasoned professionals can reach $34.

In certain provinces, agricultural managers (NOC 80020) can make up to $37.50 per hour, with a median pay of $24.48.

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It is noteworthy that a large number of employers house seasonal agricultural labourers. The average monthly housing cost for Canadians is between $800 and $1,800, thus having access to free housing can drastically lower your living expenditures. Prior to accepting a job offer, make sure you enquire about the perks you will be eligible for from possible companies.

How to locate jobs in agriculture in Canada

The chronic labour crisis in Canada’s agriculture sector is projected to grow in the upcoming years as a significant portion of current farmers retire. Jobs in agriculture include employment on farms as well as positions in marketing, finance, supply chain management, packaging, quality assurance, and other areas.

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Foreign workers have ample opportunities, however the employment market and hiring procedure may differ significantly from what you are accustomed to in your native country. As a result, it might not always be simple for foreign residents or recent immigrants to find employment in Canada’s farming industry.

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The following advice can help you locate jobs in agriculture in Canada:

1. Recognize the employment market in agriculture

Agricultural jobs are in different demand across Canada. The Prairie provinces—Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta—are well-known for their pig and crop farming. Canada’s east coast provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and British Columbia all have sizable commercial fishing businesses. British Columbia and the three provinces in the country’s centre, Ontario and Quebec, are home to the majority of the country’s fruit sector.

Make sure you investigate the regions of Canada where employment in agriculture is most in demand. It’s also a good idea to know when hiring season begins and what qualifications companies are seeking for in your industry.

2. Check internet job sources for postings.

A good location to look for openings is on job portals like Indeed, Job Bank, Farm Jobs Canada, Monster, and LinkedIn. To learn more about the tasks you’ll be required to perform and the qualifications you’ll need, read the job descriptions. A lot of job postings will also specify the role’s wage range, benefits package, and whether the position is full-time or seasonal.

3. Register with companies that employ farm labourers.

A number of employment firms in Canada, including Agricultural Employment Alberta Ltd. and GreenTech Resources Ltd., focus on hiring for farming positions. Foreign nationals may also be able to get assistance from some recruitment organizations with their work visa applications. It’s crucial to remember that job seekers and applicants are not required to pay recruiting agencies in Canada. After the position is filled, the employer pays them.

4. Create a network of professionals

In addition to being a terrific way to discover job openings that aren’t posted online, networking is ingrained in Canadian workplace culture. Making connections with people you know, either directly or indirectly, who have relocated to Canada to work in the agriculture sector can help you expand your network there. Using LinkedIn, you might also be able to get in touch with agricultural recruiters, agri-food industry experts, and Canadian farm operators. You might ask for a coffee talk to find out more about the recruiting procedures and the farm industry after establishing a preliminary connection. The goal is to cultivate deep ties with industry people so you may use those contacts to obtain employment referrals.

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After your resume is chosen, you might have to go through several rounds of interviews before receiving an offer of employment. Typically, the purpose of the interview process is to assess your qualifications for the position, experience, and skills. Do some study about Canadian farming techniques and the company or employer before your job interview.

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