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Tips to move to Canada

Tips to move to Canada


Tips to move to Canada

Determine Your Eligibility to Move to Canada

So you want to make the move to Canada, eh? The first step is figuring out if you’re even eligible. Canada has pretty straightforward requirements, but there are a few options.

The main ways most people become Canadian residents are:

  1. Express Entry – For skilled workers with job offers or in-demand skills. You’ll need at least a year of skilled work experience, strong English or French skills, and a post-secondary degree or training.
  2. Family Sponsorship – If you have close family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, they may be able to sponsor you. This includes spouses, common-law or conjugal partners, dependent children, parents, and grandparents.
  3. Provincial Nominee Programs – Each province has its own program to nominate immigrants who want to settle there. Requirements vary but usually consider skills, job offers, language ability, and demand in the local labor market.
  4. Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds – For those in refugee-like situations or facing unjustified hardship if not allowed to stay in Canada. This category considers unique circumstances and equity.
  5. Business Immigration – For entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed individuals who want to own or operate a business in Canada. Requirements involve business experience, net worth, job creation, and investment.

The key is finding which program you’re most likely to qualify for based on your unique situation. Check the Government of Canada’s website for the specifics on each option. With some preparation, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an official Canadian resident. The land of poutine, maple syrup, and “eh’s” awaits!

Choose a Visa or Immigration Program

So you want to make the move to Canada, eh? The first step is choosing how you want to gain residency. There are a few options to consider based on your situation:

  • Express Entry Program: For skilled workers with a job offer or provincial nomination. This is a fast-track option if you meet the eligibility criteria. You’ll need a high language test score and at least 1 year of skilled work experience.
  • Family Sponsorship: If you have a spouse, common-law partner, child, parent or other eligible relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they may be able to sponsor you. Processing times vary depending on the specific program.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: Each province and territory has its own program to nominate immigrants who want to settle in that region. Requirements differ in each province based on their economic needs and job market. If nominated, you can apply for permanent residence.
  • Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds: For those ineligible for other programs who need to remain in Canada due to humanitarian reasons. Extremely long processing times and no guarantee of acceptance. Should only be used as a last resort.
  • Temporary Resident Visa: If you want to work, study or visit Canada temporarily. Covers visitor visas, work permits and study permits. Does not lead to permanent residence.

The path to becoming a permanent resident can take time and patience. Do your research, connect with others who have gone through the process, and don’t get discouraged. With the right strategy and persistence, you’ll be calling the Great White North home before you know it!

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Apply and Submit Your Application

Once you’ve determined you meet the eligibility criteria to apply for Canadian residency, it’s time to gather the necessary documents and submit your application.

Apply Online

The easiest way to apply for residency in Canada is through the official Government of Canada website. Create an account, fill out the online application, and upload electronic copies of your supporting documents. Applying online is the quickest and most efficient method. Mailing in a paper application will take much longer to process.

Submit Required Documents

To complete your application, you’ll need to provide several key documents proving your identity, work experience, language ability, and more. Make sure you have:

  • Your valid passport. This proves your identity and citizenship.
  • Proof of funds. Bank statements showing you have enough money to settle in Canada.
  • Job offers or experience. Records of any job offers from Canadian employers or documentation of your work experience and qualifications.
  • Language test scores. Results of an approved English or French language test to prove your proficiency.
  • Medical exam. A certificate from an approved doctor stating you are in good health.
  • Police certificates. Documents from local authorities proving you have no criminal record.
  • Photos. Supply two identical passport-style photos of yourself for identification.

Pay the Application Fees

There are processing and medical exam fees required when applying for residency. Fees vary depending on the specific program under which you’re applying. Payment can be made online by credit/debit card, wire transfer, or certified check. Fees must be paid before your application will be processed.

Wait for a Decision

Once you’ve submitted a complete application with all necessary documents and fees, the only thing left to do is wait for a decision. Processing times vary but typically take 6 months to over a year. You’ll receive either an approval, a request for more information, or a refusal. If approved, you can land in Canada as a permanent resident! The long process will have been well worth it.

With some time and patience, following these steps will set you on the path to becoming a resident of Canada. Best of luck!

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